Diving Lanzarote

Diving in Lanzarote is one of the favourite activities on this island and in all the Canary Islands. Particularly in Lanzarote, the "easy way" to make the dives from shore makes it possible for all levels.

Scuba diving in Lanzarote is characterized by temperate waters, 18°C in winter and 24°C in summer, biodiversity and the underwater landscape. Diving it is considered a sustainable activity, because did it with good techniques, it enhances the local economy as well as the knowledge of the seabed by the whole community.

Lanzarote is a Biosphere Reserve, Geopark, and belongs to the Natura 2000 Network. So everything indicates that it is a unique place which we must take care of and respect it, that's why it's protected.

The bottoms of Lanzarote are home to many very diverse species of fish, algae, turtles, crustaceans, molluscs, sharks, especially the angel shark.

The Angelshark

Angelshark swimmingThe angel shark is a type of shark that lives in our waters. In 2019 has entered into the Spanish catalog of endangered species. This will helps to finance the study of this animal and discover and implement the best way to protect it.

During the winter months, it is common to find some angel sharks in almost any of the more than 30 dive sites that can be enjoyed along the entire Lanzarote coast. We love to find them, which is not easy, since they are buried and camouflaged in sandy bottoms, and often go unnoticed by the diver's eye. At one of our most emblematic dive sites, Charco del Palo, our record was to find 18 sharks in the same dive. Always respectful, we keep distance and observe them with admiration.

Other species

We also have several species of rays or "chuchos" as we call it in the Canaries, which are common to see between May and July, from butterfly rays, stripes mouse, common and black ray, electric rays.

SalemasThe dives on the northeast coast of Lanzarote, where we are located, are different in terms of the underwater landscape that you can find it. We have more rocky bottoms with "blanquizales" (typical zone of the Canary rocky bottoms, inhabited by starfish, some seaweed and sea-urchins), many sand patches, also "sebadales" and especially many passages, caverns, canyons and amazing rock formations. You will enjoy also a lot of very funny moments, go in into and out of the water depending on the movement of the waves and the profile of the land, so you have to be patient and elegance and formality are not required :D

Without a doubt, diving in Lanzarote is an activity that you can not miss. Be a certified diver, want to learn to dive, or start with the diving baptism in your holidays. We have possibilities for everyone! Are you going to miss it?