How is the PADI Open Water Diver course?

The PADI Open Water Diver course has 3 essential components for learning. Theory, practice in confined waters and open water dives during aproximately 5 days

The theory can be done anywhere. If you are visiting the island, you can do it before you arrive to Lanzarote because we do it online. Once you subscribe, you will receive a code by email that will allow you to download the course content on your smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. The theory of the PADI Open Water Diver course consists of 5 chapters. At the end of every chapter you will perform a small test that allows you to do the corresponding practices. If you come on vacation, the ideal is to get to the island with that finished but anyway we will do a quick review here on your arrival. Especially because you do not want to have to study in Lanzarote if you can be enjoying the island. The theoretical module will not take you more than a few hours.

Since you learn to dive by diving, the first thing we do in the Northdiving Lanzarote diving center after completing the documentation is to get in touch with the equipment and the environment. During the sessions of practices in confined waters we will learn to prepare the equipment, to know all its parts, to safely use it with property, the pre-dive checks, to enter the water and to dive safely, to enjoy the underwater world, work with a buddy, techniques to solve common problems under the water and continue enjoying after the dive by telling everything we have done and seen underwater. The practices are done in natural sites formed by antiques volcanic eruptions. Natural pools where the water offers shelter from wind and waves. It is important to start slowly in a place where we can stand, where when we kneel keeping all the diving equipment in place we are breathing for the first time under water. If we feel uncomfortable, it is only necessary to stand up to feel ourselves inside our comfort zone again. During the confined water practices of the PADI Open Water Diver course we will progress slowly together with our instructor until we master the techniques and are ready to go to sea.

Finally it will be time to go to deeper waters, plan the dives and show that we feel comfortable performing the same exercises. Meanwhile, we visit the dive sites and enjoy nature built by lava eruptions. Some of them older than 10,000 year old.

You will see how fast the time goes by when you have a great time and before you can tell, you will have your PADI Open Water Diver credential in the hand.

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