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Caletón Blanco - Orzola
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La Corona Volcano
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Road to Orzola
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The Dam
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Charco del Palo
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Arrieta Beach

Why to visit the north of Lanzarote?

We are located in the north of the island, in Arrieta, municipality of Haría in Lanzarote. The town that gives the name to the municipality, Haría, is located around 270 meters above sea level and 9 km from our town. It is a small valley that is located in the highest area of ​​Lanzarote surrounded by volcanoes. The most impressive of them is La Corona. In this area there is a larger amount of rainfall throughout the year, which is the reason of why it has always been the most fertile area of ​​agricultural and livestock production on the island. This town has been giving life to the history of the north of Lanzarote. It is the place where you can see a beautiful palm grove and one of the greenest areas of the island.
The municipality has 10 population centers, Haría, Maguez, Ye, Guinate, Orzola, Punta Mujeres, Arrieta, Tabayesco, Mala and Charco del Palo and live approximately 4,500 people throughout the year.
The area has a lack of hotels The places to stay are holiday homes and rural lodgings.
The Malpaís de La Corona, with an age of more than 25,000 years, gave rise to the most visited area of ​​this part of ​​the island: Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua. Although most tourists visit these centers, they usually do not pay attention to the beauty of this area.
Deciding to spend the holidays in the north, will give you the possibility to rest, enjoy and live adventures that you can not forget.
Ala delta Feria Surf Bike / Bicicleta Paraglide / Parapente Hicking / Caminata Parapente / Paraglide

What can we do besides visiting the typical tourist places?

Imagine a week of vacation in this magical place. You can start the day diving with us, check our packages and PADI courses. You will know diving spots, little visited, with an incredible underwater volcanic landscape, and all the underwater life that can be found in Lanzarote.
Then, you can recover your energy, visiting one of the excellent restaurants of the area. In Arrieta, the gastronomy is very appreciated by the local people, who visit the town on Sunday to taste the typical dishes and specialties. You will also find excellent options in Punta Mujeres, Mala, Haría, Ye and Órzola.
You can spend the afternoon at La Garita beach, in one of the natural pools of Punta Mujeres, in the "caleton blanco" beach or on the back beach in Órzola.
During your stay, you can choose to take one of the 10 walks to get to know the whole area, see all the details here. If you have Saturday morning free, do not forget to visit the market of Haría, where you can buy craft items from the area, and enjoy the beautiful town. You can also visit the food market, in addition to local products, they have home-made meals to eat there or to take away.
Do you like to ride a bike*? Try some of the most demanding circuits (those that do for the iron man), but also with the most beautiful views. Or just take the time to go, stop for a drink, take pictures and enjoy.
The Night Lanzarote by night Muellito nocturno Casa Azul por la noche Arrieta Beach por la noche
If you also like surfing*, it depends on the conditions of the ocean, at La Garita beach, you can have very good waves, as well as the back beach in Órzola. The Jameos del Agua area is also known for windsurfing*. During the months of October, November and early December, depending on how the winds blow, it is an excellent time to practice hang gliding or paragliding.
Of course, you can also do nothing too. Just relax, read, listen to music. Holiday homes, in general, provide all the necessary amenities.

Do not miss the night!

If you live in a city, you sure miss seeing the stars. Do you know what it's like to listen just the ocean at night? Well, come and try it! (Except in holiday season, usually in August, where there is a week that is very fun but very noisy :D )
Being small towns, you breathe air of familiarity and kindness. An ideal place to enjoy as a family, with friends, as a couple or alone.
Well, we proposed a week, but we think we fell short. Come back, dive again with us, and keep enjoying! The majority of frequent visitors, says that they continue discovering new activities and being surprised by the wonderful and magical Lanzarote it is.
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* If you need equipment, we recommend that you rent it in Arrecife, Costa Teguise or Famara.