Picture of us! Claudia & Juan


Hey there! We are Northdiving Lanzarote team giving you a very warm welcome to our divecentre in Arrieta!

We are Claudia and Juan, passionate divers who love organizing amazing experiences and adventures for other passionate divers and ocean lovers.

Natively we speak Spanish, very fluent English and respectable Italian :D. And with some effort we can understand a bit of German

Our past has episodes of engineering, computers, offices, big enterprises management, many employees and stress. But because of that, around ten years ago we discovered that the life needs smiles and bubbles. So we became PADI Scuba Instructors. Now finally our dream is being real and we want to share it with others. Specifically with you. With people like you, who wants to discover the magic of the ocean, the life, the sun of Lanzarote, the history and the people. The very best beauty of the life.

Northdiving Lanzarote is not a huge school full of people. Even if we have more than 2000 students and may be around 5000 dive experiences all around the world, this is just a family business with a lot of love and dedication. We like to pay special attention to what you are looking for. We try to avoid crowdy divespots because we want to offer the best. The things that make us smile. Because it will make you smile as well.

Before the chance of having this divecentre we have been diving a lot. In Ecuador, Colombia, República Dominicana, Bonaire, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Thailand. Some of this places just for fun, but most of them working as a Scuba Instructors. From warm water where you only need a t-shirt, to the coldest ice diving in the north of Europe; diving in wrecks, flooded towns, or with whales, sea lions, sharks, ... We made many things. Even courses. We both are not only PADI Instructors but also first-aid instructors, sail and engine boat coxswains and crew, and lifeguards. Now is time to return it.

We are glad to receive you in Arrieta at the north of the island, to show you how the nature drew with its power and time the surface, the landscape, but specially the underwater world! Visit us and taste a great adventure diving with the magical feeling of Lanzarote!

There is a saying: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

We dive because we are fascinated and passionate by the underwater world, the adventure and we are excited by the connection that is generated with people when practicing this sport. We want you to enjoy the surroundings in the north of Lanzarote, learn to interpret it and have fun, always in a safe way and respecting the environment. We are lovers of nature, of the simple life and the value of the local. That's why we want to protect it, then you can always, you and other generations find it like the first time you lived it or better!

We want that to dive in the north of Lanzarote will be an experience you want to repeat it. That to visit Arrieta and the north of Lanzarote to dive, give you that disconnection you need, but at the same time, offer you everything you are looking for in your holidays: adventure, challenges, simplicity, fun, tranquility and chill out, with family and friends.

We love nature. We love to enjoy the wonders of each dive and prioritize their care. We are part of our environment. It is also important to take care of ourselves, that is why we choose to dive safely. The simple, characterizes us. We are surprised with each full moon, each change of tide and with each dive, discovering what the ocean wants to show us. We promote ecotourism, that is, the trip to a natural area to know it, respect it, know it and travel it; promoting sustainability and respecting the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Lanzarote. We train ourselves periodically to be up to date, and we like to learn from our peers, the competition and from our customers! We are related to digital technology, because it makes life easy for everyone and allows us to provide our services with the least environmental impact. We want to share, moments, joys, experiences, anecdotes, be here, enjoy the moment.